Datenlogger und webbasierende Auswertungssoftware für Solarmax S - Wechselrichter

Data logger and web based analysis software for Solarmax, SMA, Kaco, Fronius and Kostal inverters

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The latest Version 1.1.197 (07.03.2014) is here available.

Some SolarView facts:

  • Support up to 19 inverters (an example with three inverters can be found here.)
  • Inverters can be in a RS485 "chain" and only one is connected to the Ethernet or more/all of them can be connected to the Ethernet
  • Alerting via email
  • Daily report via email
  • Banner-Creation, for instance to add it to other web pages
  • Changing labels, for instance to translate it into other languages
  • Detailed diagramms for day, months, years and total.
  • Comparison of different days
  • Comparison of all relevant data for multiple inverters
  • Photovoltaik-Calender - All daily diagramms in one view
  • Export all relevant data (for instance Excel)
  • Data import of daily earnings.
  • High quality diagrams in compact png format
  • Sunrise and sunset calculation for own location
  • Automatic data export option towards a big european pv - database: Sonnenertrag
  • Open database: data can be reviewed/modified for instance with MS Access or MS Excel
  • Runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro and Windows 2003 Server and Windows 7
  • Data access via Internet
  • Supporting SunWatcher (App for Android Smartphones).
  • Low hardware requirements
Daily report: Monthly report: Yearly report: Total: Inverter comparison

The solution is build up with two components: a Data logger service and a web application to visualize the data. The whole application is running on a single fanless Alix.1C board. The Alix.1C is not available anymore but the successor Alix.1D is similar. You can get it for instance from NRG - Systems or as a complete bundle at The board consumes only 4-5 Watt ~ 10 Euro per year. Windows XP Professional is installed on a 4GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card. Total hardware costs is about 152 Euros, XP Pro can be bought for about 30-40 Euros already.
Alternativly it is of course possible to use an (old) existing Notebook or an home server. Some users are already doing it.

A sophisticated description in French about SolarView on an Alix PC can be found here: The owner of this page provides as well a full translation of SolarView@Windows into French language.


Data logger software

The data logger service is programmed with Visual Basic 6.0. The data logger does every 5 seconds query the inverter and does save every 5 minutes the values to the database.

Web-application SolarView:

As well programmed with Visual Basic 6.0 as a Server - ActiveX component. That's how ist looks like: SolarView. Optionally the web server can be published in the Internet by using for instance a DynDNS - name.

A test version (working 60 days) can be downloaded and installed, if you're interested please contact by email:

Major Version 1.1.197 (07.03.2014) (password protected, password is 'solarview'):

SolarView Setup program


A PDF-Reader is required, for instance Acrobat Reader.

After the installation please apply the latest partial update in order to be on the latest version with the software.

Update 1.1.197 (07.03.2014): (Changelog):
Existing installations can be updated very easy, just download the
Update Paket
and follow the instructions in the readme.txt.